svetlana-kim-oct2016Svetlana Kim
is a regular contributor to PERREAULT Magazine and interviews national and international figures to both inform and educate the publication’s readers.

Here are links to some of those interviews.

Interview with Toni Bua: CEO and Master Teach for BUA Acting for Life.
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Interview with Becca Stevens: Author, Episcopal priest, and founder of Thistle Farms-Magdalene.
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Interview with Marilyn Tam, Ph.D: Speaker, Author and Corporate Coach.
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Interview with Carol Gardner: Entreprenuer, Author, and Speaker.
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Interview with Peter Rader: Film and Television Writer/Director.
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Interview with Dr. James Doty: Director and Founder, CCARE, Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford University.
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Stanford School of Medicine THE CENTER FOR COMPASSION AND ALTRUISM RESEARCH AND EDUCATION posted the interview with Dr. James Doty.

Interview with Joan Gattuso: Author of spiritual writings.
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Interview with Bruce Cryer, CEO of Bybrato, Strategist, Keynote Performer.
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Interview with Paul Lazarus, Award-winning director, producer, and writer of film, television, and theater projects.
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Interview with Sam Horn, Intrigue Expert, Founder, and CEO of the INTRIGUE AGENCY, Bestselling Author, and International Speaker.
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